About us


Lignineko company is the producer and supplier of biofuel production.

The company owns the unique lignin accumulation in Lithuania. The accumulation is located in Kėdainiai district, where about 630 thousand cubic metres of lignin are stored. The lignin has been amassed for more than two decades, but it is well-preserved due to  its chemical composition.  

“Lignineko” started working on biofuel production in 2010. For several years the company has been exploring the various options of the lignin utilization and simultaneously looking for the appropriate solutions how to use lignin for effective and efficient biofuel production.

The lignin was certified as biofuel in 2004 and listed in the European solid biomass standard EN 14961-1:2010 in 2010.


“Lignineko” is a member of Lithuanian biomass energy association LITBIOMA.